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Guidelines: What to Look for in a Commercial Concrete Contractor

What To Look For In A Commercial Concrete Contractor

Have a new concrete project planned? If you want your commercial concrete work to be done on time and within budget, finding the right contractor is essential. But choosing a proper professional can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the industry.

That’s why the team here at Westend Concrete has drawn up a few fundamental guidelines to follow to get the right commercial concrete contractor for your build.

Guidelines: What to Look for in a Commercial Concrete Contractor

1. They’re Knowledgeable

Your contractor must know what they’re doing. Come prepared with information about the job you want done and ask plenty of questions. Your contractor should be willing to explain their process to you and take questions, including more technical issues around commercial concrete work.

They should also be willing to provide you with honest answers. Be wary of any contractor who is hesitant to take questions or is unable to provide you with answers about their work.

2. They Have Satisfied Clients

Recommendations are a great place to start your search. If friends or family members have had personal experience with a contractor, you’ll be able to see the results of their work first-hand. Ask about their experience with the build, whether it was satisfactory, done on time and within budget, and whether they would use their contractor in the future for other commercial concrete work and projects.

Be wary if there’s a lot of negative feedback about your potential contractor online. It would be best if you asked your contractor for references you can contact, too. A reliable contractor should have satisfied clients they’re happy to connect you with. Clients who’ve had projects done several years ago are ideal because you’ll then get to see how the work has held up over time.

3. They’re Willing To Put It In Writing

Don’t leave things up for debate. Ensure everything you discuss with your contractor is written down and that you settle all aspects of the project in writing. This will mean that you can be assured of the quality of the commercial concrete work ahead and that everyone will understand their responsibilities ahead of time.

Your contract should list the necessary materials, payment, the work schedule, who’s responsible for cleaning up the site, and much more. It will give you something to fall back on if things aren’t going as they should be.

If your contractor is unwilling to include your discussions in your contract or wary of drawing up one, that’s a big red flag.

4. They’re Affordable – But Not Too Much

A potential contractor should be willing to provide you with a quote for the job. While hunting around, try to get written estimates for commercial concrete work. That’ll make it easy for you to compare prices for your project. You’ll also need to factor in the scale of the work when assessing whether a price is reasonable or not.

Be aware, though, that you get what you pay for. You want to pick a contractor within your budget, but not one priced too low. These cost savings are likely to come at the cost of the quality of your build. You could end up spending more in the long run as you may have to fork out large amounts for repairs down the line.

5. They’ve Got Customer Service

First impressions aren’t always wrong when it comes to commercial concrete work. You can learn a lot about a contractor through their interactions with you.

A good contractor will be friendly, polite, willing to spend time to meet with you, and responsive to your questions. After all, if you don’t like how a potential contractor interacts with you before the project starts, what will things be like once you’re in the middle of a busy commercial build?

Avoid a contractor who is reluctant to answer questions or difficult to contract. These are unprofessional qualities that are warning signs for work down the line. Expert contractors will be able to stay openly communicative about the project throughout the project.

6. They’re Experienced

While this is the last item on this list, it might be one of the most important when it comes to commercial concrete work. It’s essential that your contractor isn’t just experienced in the concrete industry but has specific expertise in the type of work you need done. For instance, if you’re looking at having a concrete driveway put in, you don’t want to choose a contractor who’s only ever worked on concrete patios.

A contractor with relevant experience will know how to find the right type of concrete for the job and may be able to offer you insights and suggestions from past projects to make the most out of yours.

If they’ve been in the business for a while, this means you can expect greater stability and reliability, too.

The team at Westend Concrete is highly experienced with providing concreting services across the Auckland region. We’re experts in concrete floors, paths, driveways, pools, and much more, including working with coloured and decorative concrete. To learn more about what we do or to request a quote for our commercial concrete work, get in touch with us at 021 193 0130.